Hogwarts Express MUSH

The following character types are currently in short supply on our game or are currently largely controlled by the staff. We want to branch out! If you're looking for something that we're in need of or that no one else is doing, consider trying one of these! Please, if you are interested, check out +bboard 4 on the game for more information.

Please remember that special or feature characters (Ministry members, Underworlders, Professors, etc.) require more complicated applications, higher levels of activity, and an excellent grasp of theme and policies. We encourage brand new players to try students or basic adult characters first before launching right into application character land.

At Hogwarts
   ... Professors - please log on and type +teachers to see a list of available positions.
   ... Hufflepuff Students
   ... Slytherin Students

In the Adult World
   ... Defense Lawyers
   ... All members of the Ministry of Magic
   ... Healers and Nurses
   ... Reporters
   ... Underground Character who are not good guys undercover.
   ... Pro Adult Quidditch Players
   ... regular blow joes