Hogwarts Express MUSH

There are a few stages to character application on Hogwarts Express.

1. Log on to the MUSH and pcreate your character. You do this at the login screen by typing "create [name] [password]" without the square brackets.

2. When you connect you will need to read the rules by typing "news rules." You can then indicate that you agree to follow them by following the directions within that file.

3. At this point you will need to submit an e-mail application, which you can find here for students and here for adults. The e-mail address is hogwarts.express.mush [at] gmail [dot] com.

4. If your e-mail application is rejected, we will give you the justification and invite you to re-apply. When your e-mail application is accepted we will stamp your character and move it into the Registrar's Office. The average wait time for e-mail applications should be no more than five days; if you haven't heard anything by then, ask a staff member about it.

5. The Registrar's Office contains directions to set your character up. Type 'look Registrar' to begin that procedure. When you confirm at the end it will send a message to the newbie staff so that we can look it over and send you in-character. If your approval e-mail told you to fill out any special applications, you need to do that at this stage also.

6. Please be aware that brand new players are placed on a 30-day probationary period. This helps us get to know you as a player and helps you get to know us as a game. As long as you ICly and OOCly integrate into the game, you will be taken off of probation at the 30 day point. That will make you eligible to apply for features and special characters.